Peggy Thomas Templeman, a retired licensed, independent, clinical social worker—and a survivor of major depression—openly and easily chronicles her life story in the book, I Bear A Cross: Coming Into Oneness with God.  As previously indicated, the first account of this spiritual autobiography was published in 2003 (see About the Author).

In her updated book of 2014, Mrs. Templeman continues to emphasize the powerful
impact of love, faith and hope. Her relationship with God progresses closer and closer. She concedes that It is this intimate relationship with the Creator and the support of her loving family and friends that resulted in her recovery from mental illness. She asserts that these same dynamic relationships enable her to move forward in every aspect of her life's journey.

The author considers herself abundantly blessed, and so she desires to bless others through sharing her story. Selected photographs included in the second edition highlight those remarkable persons and caring pets who had and/or continue to have such significant roles in her life.

Carolyn C. Starks, writer of the compelling Forward included in the original book, continues her contribution in the second edition by writing Spiritual Reflections. Peggy Templeman currently acknowledges Mrs. Starks as her God-sent Life Coach and Spiritual Director.

Several readers have shared their thoughts with Mrs. Templeman regarding her book --

her “Divine Assignment”. They have expressed that this publication serves as a guide,

a practical and spiritual manual, for everyday living. It offers enlightenment as well as inspiration and truly fulfills its purpose for having been written.


about the book

"I want those who are fighting mental illness -- and experiencing gross turmoil of mind or body -- to be hopeful and to be faithful."

                                                                                                                                            Peggy Thomas Templeman

                          I BEAR A CROSS

                      Coming Into Oneness with God